• Engineering Managers: The availability was 1014 in 2015-16 and has been increased to 39% which is 1,407 places. This clearly spells out a greater demand for this occupation.
  • Civil Engineering Professionals: In 2015-16 we had 2970 places, but the same was reduced to 2174 which is a 27% decrease. However this occupation was 45% filled in 2015-16 and so no big worries except that professionals in this industry need to buck up and NOT delay any further in submitting their applications. Research in job websites of Australia show that Australia’s construction industry has been strengthening and job ads rose by 8% year-on-year with an average advertised salary of $106,348. Meanwhile, the trades and services sector has seen strong levels of advertising relative to the past five years and this has been increasing in recent months.
  • Electrical Engineers: This quota has had just a 2% increase to 1,254 places in 2016-17 in comparison to 1230 places in 2015-16.. This occupation was also only 45% filled in 2015-16 and hence there is plenty of scope.
  • Electronics Engineers: The ceiling remains at 1,000 places, same as in 2015-16.
  • Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers: This category saw a 14% reduction to 1,539 places from 1788 paces in 2015-16. This occupation was filled in 2015-16, which interprets as a possible increase in the minimum score, while waiting for an invite.
  • Telecommunications Engineering Professionals: 1,000 places, it remained the same as it was in 2015-16
  • Other Engineering Professionals: 1,000 places, it remained the same as it was in 2015-16

The Mining Engineers occupation has been removed from SOL for 2016-17.